Dear Garry Richard and I watched a TV program called "Cowboy Builders" last night, and realized how lucky we were by having you and your team as our builders! The horrors that the poor couple from the show experience with their (so called) builder were frightening!   As a complete opposite was our experience with your company and just wanted to share this with you.    

Happy new year

Mrs D (Wargrave) 


If you have any form of accident, fire or flood, ABD Construction provides fast track, quality repairs. Working quickly and efficiently we understand the need to get your home or business up and running as soon as possible so you can get back to a normal routine.

Specialising in restoration, reinstatement and fit out we work closely with insurance companies, loss adjusters, private owners and businesses to help rectify the devastating results of fire, flood, water and impact damage.

Our fast response unit offers immediate emergency solutions for Fire, Flood, Water, Storm and Impact damage working quickly to secure your property, including any boarding up, structural supports and disconnection of services to minimise any further damage prior to your property being assessed.