Dear Garry Richard and I watched a TV program called "Cowboy Builders" last night, and realized how lucky we were by having you and your team as our builders! The horrors that the poor couple from the show experience with their (so called) builder were frightening!   As a complete opposite was our experience with your company and just wanted to share this with you.    

Happy new year

Mrs D (Wargrave) 


ABD Construction carry out a wide range of commercial building work. Whether it’s a school, an office or a warehouse we can create or replace windows and door openings to improve light, ventilation and access. We can replace and update cloakrooms, redecorate, build or remove partition walls to maximise space and we can supply and fit car park barriers and bollards to stop unauthorised access. We can also prepare all the necessary plans and obtain approvals.

Our service includes:

  • Preparation of plans from your or our design
  • Planning Approval
  • Building Control Approval
  • Construction to Completion stage