Many thanks for your email Lynne and her husband are really pleased with the changes and even though they are not sitting in the garden for obvious reasons (bad weather) they love the fact that access is so much easier so pleased all round.

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All ABD Construction staff are fully qualified and undergo regular training programmes.

Health & Safety

ABD Construction believe safety is paramount to all its employees, subcontractors, visitors and any other third parties. We are committed to supplying a safe working environment for all, including the provision of training courses and continuing assessments.

We ensure our staff are aware of our health and safety policy in addition to first aid, manual handling and COSHH training. Our individually designed, job specific safety training ensures our employees are trained to a high standard with regards to PPE and safe use of equipment.

All reasonable precautions are taken to protect our employees, we promote safe working practices and encourage all staff and subcontractors to adopt a similar attitude and responsibility in carrying out their duties.


At ABD Construction we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. We understand the need for environmental management protocols and comply with all environmental laws, regulations and codes of practice.

We identify, assess and endeavor to minimise the impact risks posed by our activities and we continually look to ways of reducing our waste and dispose of any hazardous or contaminated materials in the appropriate manner.


We are committed to meet environment legislation targets, helping to promote the application of resource efficiency measures.

We actively encourage the use of energy efficient materials and forms of renewable energy in addition to the re-use, repair and recycling of materials were possible.

We advise our clients of the benefits of employing sustainability approaches to their project which will reward them in the long term by cutting costs and reducing emissions.